Bath Buddy Inflatable Bath Lift Standard & Tall Models Right & Left Hoses

BL1010 Bath Buddy Standard Height with Right Hose (W 570mm X H 380mm X D 590mm)
BL1011 Bath Buddy Standard Height with Left Hose (W 570mm X H 380mm X D 590mm)
BL1012 Bath Buddy Tall Height with Right Hose (W 570mm X H 460mm X D 590mm)
BL1013 Bath Buddy Tall Height with Left Hose (W 570mm X H 460mm X D 590mm)

The Bath Buddy Inflatable Bath Lift is suitable for most baths.

If you have forgotten what it is like to bathe in comfort, to be in a bath where you can lie back and have a long leisurely soak then try the Bath-Buddy inflatable bath lift.

It’s so easy to use – by pressing the soft touch button on the hand control, you will be gently lowered on a cushion of air down to the very bottom of your bath. You will always be in control; so when you want to re-inflate the Bath-Buddy simply press the ‘up’ button and you will be lifted smoothly and gently out of your bath.
Suitable for most baths. As a guide to whether a tall or standard cushion is required, please refer to the below information and diagram (if a bath falls outside of the guidelines below please contact us for advice)

The Bath Buddy is suitable for bath widths of 18-22 inches

The cushions are available in 2 sizes – standard and tall (depending on the depth of your bath)

Standard cushion is recommended for bath depths of between 13-16 inches
Tall cushion is recommended for bath depths of between 16-19 inches

The hoses are available on the left or right hand side of the cushion, dependent on what would suit your baths orientation – when seated in the bath, the hose required must be the opposite side to the wall (e.g. if the wall is on the left then a right hand hose required OR if the wall is on the right then a left hand hose is required)

Available in both a white and blue coloured cushion.

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Blower unit dimensions W 345mm x H 180mm x D 334mm
Standard cushion dimensions W 570mm x H 380mm x D 590mm
Tall cushion dimensions W 570mm x H 455mm x D 590mm
Maximum user weight 127kg (20 stone)
Hose length 3.70 metres
Control lead length 3 metres
Weight Blower unit 4kg. Cushion 1.9kg. Total 6kg.
Operating temperature 0 to 50 Deg. C
Voltage 240Vac 50Hz
Fuse rating 13A
Recommended Bath Sizes for Bath Buddy


Delivery is made by DPD (a parcel delivery company) between Monday-Friday and requires a signature.
Orders are usually processed and delivered within 1 week from when an order is received.
When placing an order, if a mobile number or email address is provided to us, DPD will send you automatic text/email messages, including when your item has been dispatched and then the next working day notifying you of a 1 hour delivery slot.

Set Up

An instruction manual is provided for the Bath Buddy and is simple to follow however at an additional cost, we can arrange for a healthcare product consultant to visit after an order is placed to set up the equipment in its environment for the first time. This can also include training for the client/family members/carers on how to use the product.


Download an instruction manual below
Download a quick start guide below

How long does it take to inflate and deflate

The time depends on the users weight, however on average the inflate time is approximately 30 seconds and the deflate time is approximately 55 seconds.

The hose and control lead measures 3metres, can this be extended

At an extra cost, we can extend the hose and control lead by an extra 1 metre if required. Should you require this, upon ordering, please advise your distributor that this is required.

Is the Bath Buddy reliable

Yes, this is a quality bath lift that has been TUV certified so it has been manufactured to the highest quality.

Is there an option to have a battery operated pack

Unfortunately not, the bath buddy must be connected to a mains supply with protective earth, which should be located outside of the bathroom.

My bath width is below 18 inches, can I still use the Bath Buddy

We do not recommend using the Bath Buddy if the bath width is below 18 inches because the suckers need to be securely stuck to a flat surface which is the bottom of the bath.

What is the maximum water temperature that I can use the Bath Buddy in

Once you are sure the cushion is in the correct position, water may be added to the bath.

It is recommended that approximately 8-10 inches (20-25cm) of water is added initially, however, this can be adjusted by the user according to the individual needs and the size and depth of the bath being used.
The water should be of an even mix of hot and cold water. Temperatures in excess of 50oc (122oF) will distort the cushion. Remember, if the water is too hot for you, it is probably too hot for the cushion.

Where do I find the serial number

The serial number is located on the underneath of the motor unit, it will usually begin with one of the following letters ‘H’ ‘M’ ‘E’ followed by a 6 digit number.

How do I know if I require a standard or tall model

We offer the cushion in two different heights because we recognise that not all baths are of a standard height. It depends on the depth of your bath as to which model you require.

The standard cushion is recommended for bath depths of between 340mm – 415mm (13-16inches).

The tall cushion is recommended for bath depths of between 415mm – 490mm (16-19inches).

It is important to order to the correct model as if this is incorrect and once it has been used in water, it is unable to be returned due to hygiene reasons, so we recommend a dry test first.

How do I know if I require a left or right hose

We offer the cushion with the hose on the left and right because we recognise that not all bathrooms are designed the same.

When the user is sat in the bath with their feet facing the taps, the wall is either located on the left or right, the opposite side hose is then required.

Examples; if the wall is on the left, then a right hose is required & if the wall is on the right, then a left hose is required.

What can I use in the bath (oils etc.)

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, gels and bubble bath can be used in the bath as normal.

If for medical reasons you use an emollient in the bath and are unsure if this can be used, please contact us or your local distributor to check. We require the name of the product being used to be able to check this for you.

Is there any routine maintenance

We recommend that the cushion should be removed from the bath after each use and the cushion and suckers are cleaned. The seams on the cushion should also be checked after every use.

How often do I need to clean the Bath Buddy

The hand control unit, hose and cushion should be dried after use. It is particularly important to store the cushion dry.

In situations where there is a risk of passing infection, these components should be sanitised with water based disinfectants, rinsed and thoroughly dried.

The screw fixing suckers can be removed individually to be cleaned and then replaced.

Can I leave the cushion in the bath

You can leave the cushion in the bath at your own discretion.
If the cushion is left in direct sunlight, it is likely that it will discolour (fade yellow).

Some oils/emollients that are used in the bath along with the Bath Buddy, can also cause discolouration but this is not often permanent. This can be cleaned up with furniture polish to restore back to its original colour.

What is the expected life expectancy of the Bath Buddy

The expected lifetime of this product is 3 years: the appliance (blower unit & cushion) should be serviced after this period.

Bath Buddy Inflatable Bath Lift

Download instruction manual.

Bath Buddy Inflatable Bath Lift

Download quick start instructions.