Burnett Vacuum Support Range

The Burnett Vacuum Support System consists of a sealed casing appliance of flexible Polyurethane material which is high frequency welded and filled with thousands of flame retardant polystyrene micro beads.

The system is designed to provide comfortable support by moulding the beads (with air present) to the profile of the user, which creates a custom intimate mould.

Extracting the air from the system causes the casing to contract and the beads static nature brings them together to form a mould.
By introducing air back into the system the Burnett is able to adapt over time to any changes in profile.

Established by John Burnett, Manufactured by RBF Healthcare

The first vacuum support was devised over 50 years ago and it was so successful that the idea developed into a range and over the past two decades through professional therapists input we now have a comprehensive range of solutions that are available today.

The Burnett Vacuum Support System is a flexible and highly adaptable solution to meet the postural needs of both adults and children.

Burnett’s are designed to provide comfortable postural support to the user within the seating area required.

As it is not a fixed mould, it is able to adapt to the users changes easily.
All of our supports are manufactured in a sealed hygienic material and can be used for more than one user.

Standards products are available alongside a completely bespoke design and manufacturing service.

Moulds in seconds
Safe and comfortable
Improved pressure care
Maintains good posture
Remouldable to suit user requirements
The go anywhere solution - 24 Hour Postural Management
Unique adaptable postural seating system
Chair Supports
Car Seat Supports
Lumbar Supports
Sleep System
Head Supports
Therapy Supports
Bathing Supports
T- Cushions

A comprehensive range of solutions are available with supports for infants to the elderly, from seating to bathing.

The Burnett provides postural support solutions in a wide range of areas which are grouped into seating, bathing/showering, therapy and sleeping.

Airline seats
Dining chairs
Bed supports
Car seats
Office chairs
Shower seats
Arm Chair seating
Patio Furniture
Poolside hoists
Positioning aids
Floor sitting
Sailing dinghy’s
Stair lifts

The Burnett’s simple design makes it easy to use. Moulding is carried out hands free so the client can be supported whilst creating the corrective profile.

The system maintains its shape at room temperature almost indefinitely with a simple weekly maintenance regime.

A Burnett support can be transported between seating platforms making it a truly versatile and adaptable system.

Our Burnett Vacuum Support System was developed to provide postural support in bathing situations and this is our most popular range.

Often bathing is the most difficult area to overcome in terms of clients with additional needs.

The Burnett bathing system is designed to provide comfortable support to the user in the bath and at the same time allows the carer to be free to do other tasks.

Simple to use
Moulds like plasticine for form a mould to the seating medium and client.

Letting air into the system lets the beads flow to the contours of the client and to make small adjustments. Once complete, simply applying a pump and extracting the air will produce a supportive mould in seconds.

The system is so adaptive that it can change to a new profile at a moment’s notice.

The Go Anywhere Seating Solution
Due to its light weight and adaptability, the Burnett can be used in a variety of seating bases.

It can be transported between seating platforms making it a truly versatile and adaptable system.

No Obligation Joint Assessment
Our Healthcare Product Consultants cover the whole of the UK and arrange free of charge, no obligation assessments to ensure that the most beneficial solution is provided to each client.
Hands Free Molding
Easy to use with a foot pump so the supports can be molded with both hands free.

This allows the Burnett and client to be supported whilst the carer can make the necessary adjustments without losing the shape required, meaning the moulder is always in control.

Bespoke Service
As the manufacturer, we are able to provide bespoke solutions completely tailored to an individual’s needs.
A Range of Solutions
The Burnett’s cover a wide range of seating possibilities and can adapt to many different seating situations.
2 Year Warranty
Manufactured under strict quality control procedures.

All products undergo a 48-hour test process as part of our BS EN ISO 9002 process before leaving our factory.

The Burnett’s comply with BS5852 ignition source, 0.1 and 5 which means they are flame retardant. This enables us to offer a 2 year warranty on our entire Burnett range.

Whilst at the assessment, we can provide training and show carers, family or nursing staff how to use and care for our products and accommodate even the most difficult of seating problems.
Efficient After Sales Service
We understand that efficient after sales service means satisfied customers. We aim to deal with any after sales queries within 3 days of their report thus minimising any inconvenience to the client.